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Support Local Business and give the gift of Craft with our curated selection of NJ-based brands and makers.


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Welcome to Atlas Emporio

We are a team of humdiddlydo individuals establishing an online presence for NJ brands, makers, artists, and independent stores.

We represent various makers, bakers, movers and shakers in the sense that we create and curate a selection of premium quality local brands and present you with handcrafted local treasures made with care by small businesses and independent makers.

#SEO : Support Each Other

Purchasing from your neighborhood artisans and craftsmen upcycles your dollar votes back into your community. This online marketplace for regional brands, beyond providing a point of sale, serves as a resource for up-and-coming local makers. If you are interested in manifesting your passion as a maker or artist, we partner with creative services, with details available at AtlasEmporio.store:

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  • Web Design, Graphic Design, Branded Merch
  • Custom furniture, Pop-up Displays for Events
  • Digital Marketing & Business Support Services


[blockquote] “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local, and that’s kind of the same thing.”