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Introduction to Chakras

Have you been hearing the word “chakras” getting used by holistic healers? In recent years, many wellness trends have been focusing on the metaphysical world, particularly how energies relate to the human body.

Each of us has our own energy field, and certain “bridges” exist between physical and life force energy.  We use the word Chakra (a Sanksrit word meaning “wheel” or “circle”) to describe the bridges at which physical and life force energy meet in the Human Body.

There are many more chakras, but people generally consider the 7 main chakras to contain the fundamental energy channels. Each chakra is associated with a specific regions of the body, and contains a component of the emotional, spiritual, and physical states of being.


About Moon Dala

Moondala is a passionate naturalist and gardener. She believes in supporting Earth’s natural environments and balancing our busy metropolitan lifestyles with greater appreciation for Peace, Plants, and Self-Care.

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