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Healing Herbs: Sage

SAGE (Salvia officinalis)

Native to the Mediterranean coast, Sage has a long history. Its genus “Salvia” comes from the Latin salvere, meaning “to be saved” or “to be healed.” The French called the herb toute bonne, which means “all is well.” Linked to good health and long life, the plant has been used medicinally and is frequently burned in spiritual rituals for cleansing and protection.

Historically, Egyptians used sage to increase fertility. Greeks used it in preparations to ease coughing and respiratory infections. In India, healers used sage to reduce soreness of mouth and throat and for indigestion.

In modern times, sage is recommended for coughs, colds, and bronchitis. A tea made with sage is often used as a gargle to soothe throats, aid in digestion, alleviate cramping, and slow dementia. Sage is included in many modern natural mouthwashes, known to kill bacteria responsible for gum disease.

How to recognize?

Blue-violet flowers and coarse, woolly, gray-green leaves.

Therapeutic Uses

Sore Throat, Colds & Coughs, Memory, Menopause, Excessive sweating

How to Use?

Tea: Steep 1 teaspoon of chopped sage in 1 cup of water. Strain and use for a sore throat by drinking or gargling.

Capsule: 500 mg sage leaf, twice a day

Homemade Mouthwash:

Combine 1 oz dried sage leaves and 1 oz dried thyme in a coffee grinder. Grind, and place in a glass jar. Cover with 16oz apple cider vinegar, stir, and close the jar tightly. Let is sit for 14 days, shaking regularly. Strain and place in a dark bottle.

Stay safe!

Avoid overuse! A substance known as thujones in the plant can be dangerous if too much is ingested. It’s safe in large quantities when used in cooking, but be careful of high doses. Be sure to dilute and if diluted with alcohol instead of water, use it as a rinse. Sage sticks sold for burning and smudging should not be ingested. Do not use internally during pregnancy.


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