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Yuzu Bathing

There are few fragrances as memorable as the delicate aroma of a yuzu. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus that’s scent is reminiscent of grapefruit and tangerine. During the chilly winter months, citrons lend a pleasant bouquet to bathwater as they brighten the tub with their yellow-orange glow. 

Each Winter Solstice, many baths around Japan will have these bright yellow fruits bobbing around. Known as Yuzuyu, these baths are believed to strengthen against winter cold and flu, while enzymes from the oil of the peel are thought to help soften skin and improve digestion.

Many Japanese also believe that the bright aroma can aid in calming and revitalizing the mind. Yuzuyu can be easily enjoyed at home as well by using whole fruit or just adding citron juice. The health benefits of yuzu are many. The high vitamin C content of the fruit is said to increase blood flow, warm the body, and boost the immune system, while pectin improves intestional function and even helps to expunge the body’s toxins. 

Yuzu also has high levels of citric and malic acids that aid the body’s recovery from fatigue and heighten its natural defenses. Considering its many uses, there may be no better companion for getting through the cold winter months than some citron seasoning during supper and a long Yuzuyu soak!


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