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Beaver Moon

November’s full moon is intimately connected with death and loss, on a literal and symbolic level. The Celts called it the “Reed Moon”, comparing the mournful music made by weird instruments to the ghoulish sounds of spirits being drawn into the underworld.

The November full moon marks a dangerous time of the year where people could easily slip into the underworld. Many of us enjoy the luxury of winter coats and central heating now, but freezing to death during the long, dark winters used to be a very real threat.

In order to survive making warm winter clothing out of beaver fur was crucial for Native American tribes.

Ritual to Honor Ancestors

Set aside a space to consecrate to your loved ones, gather photos, mementos, an altar cloth (or a pretty piece of fabric) and a white candle. With loving intent lay out your altar cloth, then set out the photos and mementos, taking the time to address each ancestor being represented.

Speak to your dead, tell them how much you love and miss them, and reminisce about your favorite memories. Once you are satisfied with how everything is arranged, light the candle. Welcome your ancestors into your home and ask them to weave themselves into the fabric of your daily life. Stay as long as you’d like, meditating on what your ancestors mean to you.

Let the candle burn all the way down. Now that your loved ones have a place in your home, remember to honor them frequently.

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