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Bring Nature Indoors

The ability to bring the outdoors into a home has been an ambition of homeowners for centuries. Natural elements have a tendency to lend a tranquil atmosphere to man made structures, which in turn can help those who spend time there feel more relaxed and happy.

In recent years the growing awareness of the dwindling of the Earth’s resources have made it even more apparent that bringing nature into our homes is essential. Each natural element you bring into your home should be carefully chosen and placed. The act of gathering them can be a therapeutic and mindful experience in itself. Look for inspiration whenever you step outside take in the shapes and colours of nature.

Natural elements in addition to creating an inspiring and welcoming environment will never go out of style. Incorporating mother nature into your home can really transform how a space looks and feels. It also serves as a gentle reminder to get outside when you can, while making the days you’re stuck inside all the better. Here are five ideas that can help bring a little bit of nature into your home.


Adorn your home with fresh flowers and potted plants. Succulents have become a popular choice, they are beautiful and easy to care for. Plants are not only a beautiful element to add to the home they also take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen cleansing the air you breathe. Additionally studies have shown that plants can reduce the amount of dust in the air by 20%.


Avoid bulky window treatments and curtains that block the light. Put an emphasis on windows that look out onto a natural scene. Sunlight is not only free it is one of the easiest and most beautiful natural elements with the ability to make any room come alive. By harnessing the natural power of sunlight, you will reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and organisms that can take root in your home, and also regulate sleep hormones.


One of the few materials that can be left unstained and raw or be finished to look shiny like marble. Bringing wood into your home is one of the easiest and warmest of natural materials. Wood comes in a variety of finishes, species and applications, from flooring to ceiling beams. Wood can also be reclaimed and refinished from older buildings to keep its life sustainability ongoing for years in your home.


The sound of running water has a tranquil calming effect on our minds. Consider a fish tank or an indoor fountain. Studies show that the sound of flowing water can also help us sleep better.


The practice of green living and conserving Earth’s natural resources has inspired homeowners to use building materials that may have been recycled. Locally sourced and reclaimed wood products are being repurposed to give them new functions.


About Natalie Berko

Natalie is a certified crystal healer and the creator of Violet & Poppy. This collection of carefully curated lifestyle products is inspired by nature's natural treasures. Products are handmade in Princeton, NJ using dried flowers, crystals, essential oils and other magical ingredients. Certified in Yoga, Meditation, Herbalism, & Crystal Healing, Natalie is also the owner of 3 beautiful Persian kitties, a plant lady, crystal collector, and lover of dark bars and tiny coffee shops. Natalie believes that returning back to simplicity and embracing the Earth we can raise our vibration and glow just a little brighter.